Products list
                          Polytop Pins and Nails
                          Stainless Steel Nails
                          Concrete and Masonry Nails
                          Roofing and Umbrella Nails
                          Painted Nails
                          Staples Nails
                          Washer Nails
                          Strip and Collated Nails
                          Special Nails
                          Mild Steel Nails
                          Stainless Steel Screws
                          Carbon Steel Screws
                          Stamped Parts
                          Technology Drawing
                          Quality Control
                           QUZHOU MONSOON HARDWARE CO., LTD. was founded in 2002 in China, holding a subsidiary factoryproducing all kinds of nails,screws and irregularly shaped fasteners, performing to ANSI, DIN, JIS, ISO standard. With a lot of various technicians and staffs, as well as advanced equipment,process and perfect quality systems,our products were sold well in Europe,U.S.A.,Japan markets and applied in construction,electric power, communications,mechanism,furniture and etc.
                          Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "to make success with perfect quality, to gain reputation with fine credit", we will do our utmost to provide excellent service for our customers.We warmly weclome the distributors and users in abroad to come cooperate with us.
                      QUZHOU MONSOON HARDWARE CO., LTD.

                      Address: No.51 Xujiang Road,Quzhou,China
                      Tel: +86-570-3027041
                      Fax: +86-570-3027042
                      E-mail: cciec@hotmail.com
                      Attention: Mr.Mao Zhenwei

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